Brewer’s Blackbird, female by John McCoy

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Upcoming Events


Community “Let’s Pull Together Day”– Invasive Weeds to Native Plants–Saturday, May 1, 2021   9:00 AM

This entirely outdoor event will begin at 9 a.m. at the Mt. Shasta City Park’s upper lodge parking area with registration, breakfast snacks and orientation.  Volunteers will sign up, receive a safety briefing, meet their station leaders and head toward their invasive weed patches.  Scotch Broom and Dyer’s woad are the weeds most commonly treated. Pulling invasives and planting native seeds will continue until 1 p.m.

All participants should be ready to get dirty and come prepared with gloves, boots, and tools such as shovels and weed removal forks.  Bring masks to be C-19 safe.  Hard working Extractigators and trucks will be used for larger embedded plants.  Please mark your tools.

This event is supported by many hard-working community organizations and public agencies, such as the City of Mt. Shasta and the USDA Forest Service.  To sign up, email or contact Rebeca Franco, event coordinator, at 530-605-9148.

Note:  In case of rain, the alternate date is May 15.