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Mt. Shasta Area Audubon presents

A Birder’s Guide to Driving Routes in Siskiyou County

Thirteen driving routes are described in detail in this wonderful 27″x40″ full-colored map of Siskiyou County.


The entire county is shown on one side, and the individual routes and text are displayed on the opposite side in a format that makes them easy to fold and follow. Detailed maps of the routes at a scale of 1″= 4 miles are included with the descriptions.

Many of the routes were taken from the book Klamath River Bird Finder by Bob Claypole, a local birder. This book is an excellent companion to our map.

Proceeds from the sales of this map will benefit our local Chapter. The maps are now available through Living Gold Press or Raventree Wild Bird and Nature Shop in Mt. Shasta. Cost of the map is $8.95 each.

Discounts are available for individuals or clubs purchasing 10 or more maps. For quantity or resale orders, contact us at Mt Shasta Area Audubon.