Bald Eagle by John McCoy

In keeping with national Audubon’s work in advocating for a healthy environment, the Mount Shasta chapter has a long history of involvement with forest issues in the area. Currently the chapter has partnered with the Siskiyou Land Trust, Shasta Resource Conservation District, and U.S. Natural Resources and Conservation Service on the Rainbow Ridge Forest Restoration Demonstration Project.

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Rainbow Ridge, located on the western outskirts of Mount Shasta, stretches for five miles from Lake Siskiyou to Mills Meadow.¬† The project is a “collaborative effort designed to encourage and inform forest stewardship projects throughout the area by training local skills, collaboratively monitoring progress, and providing tangible and visual benefits of forest restoration to the community.” ¬†Mount Shasta Area Audubon’s in-kind contribution to this project will include wildlife monitoring, participation in field tours, and participation in educational workshops.