Mount Shasta Area Audubon is here to help new and experienced birders alike get the most out of birding in Siskiyou County and Northern California/Southern Oregon. The resources below include bird maps of our region, where to share bird sightings, what to do if you find an injured bird, our bird checklist, and materials for Mt. Shasta Area Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count.

Mt. Shasta Area Audubon Black-headed Grosbeak, male by John McCoy

Black-headed Grosbeak, male. by John McCoy

Purchase Bird Maps

Mount Shasta Area Audubon’s “A Birder’s Guide to Driving Routes in Siskiyou County” describes 13 driving routes in detail in this wonderful 27″x40″ full-color map of Siskiyou County.

Bird Sightings

Join the Siskiyou Birds Yahoo group to view and share local sightings.

Injured Birds

Have you found a bird that you think needs help, but are unsure what to do next? Mt. Shasta Area Audubon has put together a guide to help you with handling injured birds in Siskiyou County, including contact information for local wildlife rehabilitators.

Bird Checklist

Download Mount Shasta Area Audubon’s “Birds of Siskiyou County” PDF.  This species checklist of wild birds in Siskiyou County can help you know what to look for, and where! Updated to include recent bird sightings.

Christmas Bird Count Printables

One of Mount Shasta Area Audubon’s annual birding events, the Christmas Bird Count is a volunteer-led census of wild birds in Mount Shasta and Yreka areas. Click the link above for area maps, checklists, tally sheets, and rare bird report forms. You will also find final Christmas Bird Count data from 2014 onwards.